Experiencing a new awareness

I’m about to do my second reading/energy party later this afternoon.  I haven’t done these in almost 2 years, as the anxiety that they brought me was not worth it. I’m doing 8 mini readings within 2 hours, so you have an understanding of where I’m coming from.

I just wanted to share this, as I sense that many others have had this feeling before.  Maybe before they spoke out in a meeting or telling someone the truth or being honest with yourself or standing up for yourself or just putting yourself out there.

Right now, I’m having a very cool experience before doing my party. I’m  feeling light headed and nausea.

In the past I would have thought this was due to just nervousness, but i feel like it’s more that my body is preparing itself for the vast connection and the information is just waiting for me when I need it. It’s as though the opening at the top of my head is expanding  {Envision a cone that is expanding outwards from the top of my head with the point on my head going upwards and out. }

In the past, I would be in a place of fear (lack of confidence, self love, self worth) and I would have taken this fear and created drama around it which in turn, making myself even sicker then before. This time, I feel such a sense of relief, calm and movement forward rather then stagnation in my journey.

I know I need to ground myself. But I love that I can feel this and have the awareness.  It’s just so exciting. I hope that I explained it, so that you understand. It’s very difficult to explain in easy terms without babbling. It’s an amazing feeling.

For those of you that meditate, it’s almost like being in that place of just pure calm, serenity, peace and joy.  The place of nothingness, yet everything.

I’m sharing this, as a know many of you just need to know that if you desire, you will come to this awareness as well.  Just trust and believe that it’s part of your journey to experience these feelings and the fear.  It’s okay to feel this way and with time, you will come to embrace and truly have an eye opening awareness that it’s meant to be.

Blessings and gratitude to the universe for sharing this wisdom with me. <3