Realign to Your True Self

A place of learning, growth, expansion and change.

energy healing in new hamburgWelcome, we are thrilled you are here. Celestial Truth was created to provide a safe place for people to learn more about themselves and the unseen realm. Our goal is to provide a community of like-minded people that are on the path to enlightenment.

At Celestial Truth, you will find support in a variety of ways. The owner, Tammy-Jo Hiemstra, is an Energy Healer, Medium and Spiritual Advisor and can support you through many of the services she offers – either in person or phone/skype. We also offer meditations and workshops throughout the year to provide ongoing support and learning opportunities.

Celestial Truth is run out of a beautiful retail store called B True 2 U, also owned by Tammy-Jo Hiemstra, in downtown New Hamburg, Ontario. Here you will find unique new or gently used spiritual merchandise such as; cards, crystals, books, etc. 

We hope you will visit us soon!

May you find peace within the pages of this site.