Tammy-Jo uses a combination of medical intuition, energy and past life healings, mediumship and guided meditations to help clients discover their power within. Clients will learn to trust their own wisdom, have authentic relationships, experience better physical health and balance, and cultivate an overall sense of contentment and well-being.

Services offered by Tammy-Jo include:

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Intuitive Readings
Energy Session
Energy Session & Intuitive Session
Physical and Energetic De-Cluttering of Space
Medical Intuitive Scan
Past Life Regression
Past Life Reading
All services are payable via e-transfer, cash & Square (Credit card/Debit Visa).

If you are having difficulties financially, we can set up a payment plan for you. We would rather see people receive intuitive counselling and/or energy sessions to continue their own self-healing without the concern of financial constraint. Please mention that you need a payment plan at the time of booking.