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Community Intuitive Development Circle

This group is open to anyone that is either a beginner, intermediate or advanced in their intuitive studies. This will allow for people to see from different perspectives as to where everyone is in developing their skills.

For example, with a beginner intuitive/psychic/medium ~ you may not see, hear or feel what others are sensing, but to know that it is a possibility for you, can be inspiration for you to continue to practice your skills.

With an intermediate/advanced intuitive for example, it gives you opportunity to advance further, but also be a teacher to those that are around you and to remember that you were there too at one point in your development.

This is not a group where will always be doing exercises to build our develop our intuition, but rather a space that people come together, share and connect. We hold the safe space for each other and let the circle unfold as it needs to. There will not be a structured outline.

I truly believe we can learn and grow from each other, as we all our connected. This is not a place of judgement, old beliefs, patterns or structures. We are here to involve, to grow and to BE. Love is what will create in this group and keep it going where it needs to go. We are coming together to gain new wisdom and understanding of not only who we are, but those around us. Expanding the light of all that was, is and is to be.

I send you much love, peace, and happiness and hope to see you there!

COST: $20
Date: Thursday February 28 OR Friday March 1, 2019
6 weeks.
Time: 10:00 – 12:00 am (Morning Option) OR
7:00 – 9:00 pm (Evening Option)

Seated is limited, so please confirm by messaging me or texting me @519-274-0114.

This group is currently closed.  Please message Btrue2U if interested in the next 6 week session. or on FB msgr.

Next Group: TBD

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